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Wrapping Around the Benefits of Waist Trainer Belts

Posted by Tyler Smith on

Wrapping Around the Benefits of Waist Trainer Belts

When standing before our reflection in the mirror, an all too common thought to emerge in the minds of many is the longing for ‘invisible forces’ to push our figure into shape. Sucking it in, with your hands supporting your newfound waistline, will only ever offer a temporary fix. Indeed, the road to an hourglass figure is a long and dedicated journey, but thanks to SMUG Active, it’s one that you will never need to walk alone.

Although the concept of Waist Training has been around since at least the 16th century, today we’re going to wrap our minds, and ourselves, around the benefits of modern day Waist Trainers.

As with any miracle, Waist Trainers come in a rainbow of shapes and purposes. Whilst some may take the form of a traditional corset, if you’re looking for a more comfortable kind of compression, nothing deserves your attention more than corset’s contemporary counterpart: Waist Trainer Belts.

When these elasticated bands of body brilliance are worn around the waist, they apply a healthy, workable level of compression to your core, literally training your figure into a curvier new shape. However, unlike corsets, the belts are far more accommodating to the natural movement of the body; making them the ideal companion for any fitness routine.

In order to offer the wearer that coveted hourglass shape, Waist Trainer Belts bring together an amalgamation of body benefits. Aside from the obvious physical effects of instant compression, the belt garners results through the application of a much wider science. Having your core wrapped in reams of stretchy neoprene fabric, especially whilst enjoying your favourite workout routine, is going to send your body temperature upwards. This in turn will increase the level at which you perspire, whilst also boosting the rate at which you burn off fat.

Next on the agenda is your posture. If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, especially in relation to post-pregnancy, a Waist Trainer Belt should definitely be your first point of call. Because their use isn’t strictly limited to the four walls of the gym, the belt can also be worn throughout the day to encourage better posture, whilst supporting your lower spine and core muscles.

However, if you find excessive eating to be your fitness foe, the compression the belt applies to your stomach can offer a remedy for this; as you’ll be more likely to feel fuller, faster. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of receiving all the nutrition your body requires, especially if you’re trying to slim down. Whilst belts can distort your perceived appetite for the better, inviting them to every meal may not be within your best interest. In this regard, we recommend their application in moderation.

When combined with a balanced diet and a diverse fitness routine, a Waist Trainer Belt really does have the extraordinary power to give you the flatter tummy of your Waist Trainer Beltdreams. And as the industry’s leading dream-makers, SMUG Active have naturally included their very own belt as part of their brand new collection of fitness products. Available in 3 different sizes to suit every possible shape, SMUG Active’s Waist Trainer Belt is an absolute must-have if you’re interested in toning up. So head on over to their shop if you’re ready to wrap yourself in the body-loving benefits of the Waist Trainer Belt!

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