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Sleeping For Better Exercise

Posted by Tyler Smith on

Sleeping For Better Exercise

If you’re going all out on your exercise regime, but cutting the corners when you sleep, your physical efforts may not be as efficient as you might think. Rest is as equally as important as play, and utilising the benefits of a full 8 hours of sleep will help you reap much better rewards physically.

Today we’re going to be exploring why switching off is the secret to seeing successful results in your workout. Here’s 5 of the most crucial benefits you absolutely must know:

  1. Resting to Recover - When we enter the early stage of sleep, a phase known as Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM), blood flow to your muscle tissues increases, whilst your brain simultaneously releases a growth hormone called Somatotropin. This very important process not only helps your body recover from strenuous exercise, but also aids in new muscle growth; however this restorative phase can only occur 1 to 2 hours after you fall asleep.

  2. Avoiding Injury - Upon passing through the Non-REM stage of sleep, your body will arrive at its counterpart; a much deeper stage of rest known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). When this happens, your muscles will start to relax, biologically reducing tissue tension and your future potential for injury. It’s during REM that your body will also be able to remedy more chronic elements of pain, significantly bettering your physical ability when you wake and workout!

  3. Muscle Coordination - Coordinating different groups of muscles efficiently is the key to a beneficial workout. Thankfully, indulging in a full 8 hours of sleep a night greatly increases the muscle’s recall and reactive abilities, resulting in heightened athletic ability.

  4. Sweet Energy - The brain and body are fuelled by a special form of sugar called Glycogen; an extremely important biological element linked to physical endurance. However, when we cut short our sleep, we also hinder the process of converting this sugar into energy; known as reduced Glycogen Synthesis. For this energy transfer to be operating at maximum capacity, we absolutely need our body to be fully rested.

  5. Appetite Management - When we miss out on sleep, our body compensates by increasing the production of the hunger hormone Ghrelin, whilst simultaneously pausing the release of Leptin; the hormone that helps us feel full after a meal. If you’re working out to control or influence your weight, you’ll find much better success when incorporating a balanced and considerate nighttime routine into your ambitions.

But how can I improve my sleep to in turn improve my fitness?

This is a question that we often asked ourselves, fitness is after all much more controllable than sleep itself. The solution came to us when we realised that the sleeping process needs to be just as curated and as individual as a workout.

SMUG Lavender Pillow SpraySo, in order to achieve a nighttime experience with a more personal touch, we launched a plethora of sleep-savvy products with our sister brand Sleep SMUG. Aside from their luxurious 3D sleep masks and super soft satin pillowcase sets, one of our favourite sleep-inducing products has to be their signature Lavender Pillow Spray - believe us when we say that you’ll never be counting sheep again!

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