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How to Get Abs In Time For Christmas

Posted by Tyler Smith on

How to Get Abs In Time For Christmas

The tree is up, the lights are on, and the presents are well and truly wrapped; the only thing missing from your Christmas wish list is a killer set of abs. After all, nothing screams great shape quite like a toned tummy. But the clock is ticking, Santa’s sleigh is drawing closer, and there’s barely a month left until the big day!

So, in full festive spirit, we’re going to share with you our 5 top tips to get abs fast. So roll out your exercise mats, lace up your gym shoes, and buckle in; this one’s going to be ab-solutely wild!

  1. Looped Resistance Band SetSay No to Festive Treats - Let’s start with the basics. Honestly, we could tell you to do all the exercise under the sun, but if you’re not eating right, all that effort will be futile. You need to make sure that your shopping list features an abundance of high fat proteins; such as eggs, whole fat dairy, fish and nuts. And you can go right ahead and put those processed foods, such as bacon and ready meals, right on Santa’s naughty list, as they’ll only allow you to gain weight; not abs. And don’t forget to include lots of green machine vegetables, and plenty of grains; their hearty, nutritious goodness will help fill you up, without packing on the pounds.

  2. Say Yes to Crunches - If you want abs fast, crunches are a sure fire way to go about it. Begin by lying comfortably on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands just behind your head, and inhale. Then use this position to slowly raise your shoulders and lower back off the floor, exhaling as you do so. Hold this position for 2 seconds, before returning to the starting position; gently inhaling as you return to the floor. Repeat this ab-intensive movement for 12 crunches; 4 times a week to garner optimal, noticeable results. And if you’re feeling brave, place a reasonable weight on your stomach to increase the difficulty of this simple yet effective exercise.

  3. Bridge Thrusts - Whilst you’re on your back, you’ll definitely want to give this next core-tightening movement a run for its money! All you’ll need to hand is your trusty Resistance Band, which you’ll want to loop around your abdominal region and wrists. With this resistance in place, raise your hips off the ground whilst pushing your hands and the band into the floor; until the band is taut. Hold this position for 5 seconds, before returning your hips to the floor. This restriction will fight against your abs and improve their tone quickly. Repeat for 12 consecutive reps; 4 to 5 times a week.

  4. Reverse Crunch Plank - A return to the old familiar; the plank! But if you’re not yet acquainted with this position, you’ll want to begin facing the floor, with your body raised on your feet and hands. Place a pair of Core Sliders under your feet, as they’ll play an important role in this next movement. With your core completely rock solid, slide your feet up to meet your hands; keeping both legs straight as you do so. Raise your hips to as far as they’re able, before sliding back into the original plank position; repeating this movement for 15 to 20 reps. What we love about the Reverse Crunch Plank is that, unlike very similar exercises, it’s focussed predominantly on your abs, rather than your legs or arms; and this is exactly why we’ve included it on our fast- track-to-abs list!

  5. Bear Walk - This next exercise isn’t just great for your abs, it’s fantastic for working your quads and upper body strength too! You’ll need to begin face down, balancing on your hands and feet. Your elbows should be directly above your wrists, and your knees bent and lifted so that they’re in line with your hips; exactly like a crawl position. Keeping very stable, walk your hands and feet to your left for 3 steps, before going back in the other direction for another 3 steps. That’s 1 rep! Go for 60 seconds, and really focus on keeping your back straight and your core tucked in. Don’t let your hands or feet cross each other. And if you’re feeling daring, looping a Resistance Band around either your ankles or arms will make the movement much more strenuous, and much more rewarding too!

Simply follow these 5 top tips, repeating them as often as possible throughout the next few weeks, and we promise that you and your tummy will see a noticeable difference just in time for Christmas! Remember that it’s important to push yourself during these exercises, and the use of equipment such as Resistance Bands and Core Sliders will help you to do that. However, if your festive cheer is a little short of such equipment, simply visit our online shop to stock up on your supplies. And whilst you’re there, you may even discover a darling stocking filler or two! Let’s finish 2020 together in our best shape yet!

For Core Sliders, Resistance Bands, and the abs of your dreams, visit SMUG Active’s online shop here.

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