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10 Minute Miracles with Core Sliders

Posted by Tyler Smith on

10 Minute Miracles with Core Sliders

The simplest workout equipment can often garner the most rewarding results. And this is certainly true for the gym-miracle that are Core Sliders. These smooth-sided disks are incredibly versatile, being a typical feature throughout a range of strength training and fat burning exercises. They apply your own body weight against you, and engage whole groups of muscles at the same time.

Core Sliders remain a very easy piece of equipment to use, even if you haven’t come across their body-loving benefits before. Here we’d like to share some of our favourite Core Slider- incorporating callisthenics:

  1. Single Leg Thrust - Assume the plank position, with the Sliders placed under each foot. Next, bring your knee up to meet your chest, sliding your foot up to become parallel with your hips; returning to the original plank position to complete one rep. Keep your shoulders back, and repeat this cycle for 30 seconds on each foot, without letting your hips or back drop. This is a great movement that really works your core and hamstrings.

  2. Mountain Climber - Whilst you’re in that plank position, be sure to have a go at this next one. It’s very similar to a single leg thrust, but instead of bringing your knees up towards your chest, you’re going to bring them up and around to meet your elbow. Repeat the cycle for 1 minute; alternating between each foot as you go. Your tensor muscles will really thank you for this one, and you’ll be working wonders for your core strength too.

  3. Kneeling Slide-Outs - Bring yourself into a table top position, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders, and your knees below your hips. This time, place the Sliders comfortably beneath your hands, before sliding both your hands out in front of you. Going as far as you can will stretch out your back and upper core muscles. Bring your hands back towards you and into their original position to complete one rep; repeating the cycle for 1 minute.

  4. The Glute Bridge - Begin by lying face up, with your shoulders and feet touching the floor, and your hips raised up into the glute position; forming a nice triangle between your feet, knees and head. Place the Sliders under your heels, and extend your legs until they are fully straight; keeping your legs hips-width apart and your arms by your side. Then return to the original glute position to complete one rep, repeating the cycle for a full minute. Balancing on your heels here will activate your hamstrings, and really test your quadriceps.

  5. Reverse Lunges - Standing up tall and straight, place a Slider under one foot whilst keeping your other leg stationary. First, slide your foot out horizontally to as far as you can go, before bringing it back to you. Then slide your foot back behind you, before returning to the original standing position and completing one rep. Repeat these two movements for 1 minute, before switching legs and repeating again. As an added top tip, try not to look at your feet as you do this, but rather, look out ahead of you; this will pose much better for your posture, and will help you to maintain balance.

SMUG Active Core SlidersOf course, these are just the tip of the iceberg of the endless possibilities offered by Core Sliders.

But if you’re reading this and find yourself still without your own pair to hand, be sure to head on over to our Shop, which features a whole host of training equipment; including their very own Core Sliders!

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